Introducing zigvm: A version manager for Zig

Hey guys! So for the last couple of weeks I have been working on zigvm which is an installer as well as version manager for Zig and today Ihave released its first version. You can check it out here

It is not production ready yet. It covers basic features like installing versions, uninstalling versions, overriding which versions to use under certain directories etc but there are rough edges here and there.

So if you guys are interested, you can try it on your machines and give your feedback, thoughts, questions whatever you have.

Looking forward to your comments.



Excellent project!

I have a suggestion, which you’re welcome to take or leave as you see fit. zigvm makes me think of a Zig Virtual Machine.

The suggestion is that, in line with rustup and juliaup, you call it zigup. That would make it immediately clear what the program does.

Given the nature of comptime and how it’s currently implemented, the idea of a virtual machine for running Zig is not at all implausible as some future project. So it reserves that term for future use as well.


I can look into it in future releases. It requires renaming here and there.

zigup is already an existing version manager for zig.

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Alright so renaming is cancelled


zigvm - vm part could be confused for virtual machine. How about zigver?

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Please give your suggestions for names. I will change the name to the one I like in the next release.

The namespace for zig version managers is quite crowded actually.

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zigin? not very descriptive, though.

It just crossed my mind. I will go with this and rename the project in the next release.

zigman as in, zig manager :slight_smile:

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This is in the tradition of sdkman from the Java world!

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