Installing Zig on Windows 10 Home Edition

On the official Zig website, they instructed the developers to use PowerShell to install Zig on Windows. I use Window 10 Home Edition, and it has no PowerShell. I don’t know how to install Zig on my Windows machine!

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Unless Windows has had some serious changes since the last time I used it, Powershell should definitely be installed on your machine or you might be looking at a mangled Windows install

You don’t really need powershell. Just download and unzip the latest or nightly, move the unzipped directory somewhere safe, and put the zig executable on your path.

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You’re right. I feel stupid!

Actuall, there’s PowerShell in Windows home edition. I just made a fool of myself!

Another thing, I added the folder to the Path and it was fine.

In the official website, they suggested three package managers. How necessary they are?

Yes, you are right. I added the folder to Path and it was fine.

In the official website, they suggested three package managers. How necessary they are?

How necessary they are?

Not necessary at all.

Don’t feel stupid - I’m glad it works for you. And welcome to the forum!

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Thank you.

Thank you for the help.

Hmm, I think those instructions for installing Zig on Windows are unnecessarily complicated. I’ll look into improving them. I think my suggestion for Windows programmers would be to install Zig via the VSCode extension. I’m not sure how seamless that experience is yet, but IMO that’s what we (as the maintainers of the zig project) should make happen for our Windows users.

I think Scoop is worth checking out. Either that or manual install.

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Here’s another way:

The author is using Windows himself, might be worth checking out.

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scoop is good in windows. I install the zig-dev to keep update with master version. just do scoop update zig-dev to get latest zig(and you can downgrade to any previous install version easily). In windows, I tried to install all command line utility with scoop, I can easily view all software I install and update it.


Hello, Andrew. It’s an honor to have you in my post thread. Thank you for developing Zig. it has been my wish and dream that ‘C’ get replaced with a new, elegant, and strong one, and you made that dream realty. I heard Zig gives the developer a lower control than c. I’m so excited to learn this exciting programming language. What an exciting time of my life to see Zig grows into its full potential. Thank you Andrew for the gift of Zig.

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Thank you for the advice.

I already have Zig up and running. I will check your suggested way. Thank you for your help.

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Thank you for your help. I’ll check your suggestion. :pray: