Indexing Array with Robin Hood Hashing

Here is another small problem I became interested in and reworked a “C” implementation I had in an attempt to improve my Zig “muscle memory”. This is a small module that can be used to index an array and uses Robin Hood hashing. Robin Hood hashing is an open address collision technique. A literate program PDF is available for your reading pleasure and a zip file bundle, that includes the extracted source, is available to ease the burden of the long tool chain required to deal with the literate program.


I’ll have a closer look at it soon! Have you considered putting it up on github or a remote repository where people can browse your code there? I’m always very skeptical of files that I download - it looks legit, I checked it for hidden files/dlls but you’ll probably get more feedback if you post it to a place where people can read it directly :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your kind suggestion and I had assumed that my unusual deployment would eventually come to question. I’m unusual in that I do not deploy my projects on servers that I don’t control directly. So the only use I have for my github account is recurring donations to the Zig Software Foundation. As for git itself, I find it cumbersome for my use case. The software referenced here is in a fossil repository that you can clone if you want to see everything.

At your suggestion if have brought out a few additional URI’s from the repository to make it clearer how things are connected. But if you just want to browse through the code, that is what the literate program document is for. It has a table of contents, index, and often tables and diagrams. It also contains complete documentation of the interfaces and, if you have that level of patience, you can read why I designed things as I did. The extracted source code files are just compiler fodder, however important that fodder may be.

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