Index Out of Bounds Panic with New std.Progress API

Hey all, just made a bug report here:

But hoping someone else may have seen this using the new std.Progress API that was introduced in 0.13.0. Basically I went to fix the update_cpu_features.zig utility (tools/ dir in the zig repo) to work with the new std.Progress API and am encountering some really odd behavior. It works fine for a bit then panics on an index out of bounds error here in the API:

Anyone see something similar? Maybe I’m just subtly using the API wrong?

For convenience here’s my branch with the fixes to update_cpu_features.zig:

You don’t have to compile this specific build of Zig from source to see the error, using 0.13.0 to build/run update_cpu_features.zig displays the error.

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