I'm new to zig

I need advice from you, the best in zig, I come from high-level languages and the topic of learning the zig language has been a bit difficult for me. So much so that I can’t read the documentation easily, but I already understand more or less how it goes. Finally, I would like you to give me some advice, how do I continue zig? Is there a route? a guide map or one that is recommended to me, my desires are to one day create a javascript compiler or runtime or contribute to the bun that is written in zig, but I am stopped by the fact that I get lost easily. I appreciate you, programmer, for reading this.

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Hi @JuanPerdomo00, welcome. I recommend to read Getting Started.


Another resource not already linked in the Learn section of the website: Learning Zig


@JuanPerdomo00 One of the fastest ways to learn is to do some project that you understand very well in the language. The project should not be too easy, because that is just boring, but as I said you should understand the problem well enough that it will never give you serious difficulties. This way you can use most of your energy in learning the language as you go.