I'm looking for resources to learn

I looked at many places including YouTube. I could not find comprehensive and fully explaining training videos. There is almost no decent source. Where can I find a source that provides good and comprehensive explanations?

Here’s a few:


Thank you.

Are there any lessons with video explanations?

To my knowledge, these are all written guides and explanations, without any videos. I’ve seen videos on YouTube posted over the years but nothing like a full comprehensive course. It’s probably due to the rapidly changing nature of Zig as a pre 1.0 language still under heavy development. If you prepare a lot of video content today, it may be out-of-date vary soon.

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Thank you for answer

hello, I like it, it gets you started, very practical, simple, even if there are developments it shouldn’t call into question everything,
maybe like the for or the enum , I followed the difference between 0.10.1 and 0.11.0 for a year, apart from the functions @ which are added this has not changed.
We have documentation, now much more extensive examples are vital to understand well, to say how to take things

Hey, I’ve started my own video series on learning Zig step-by-step.


Loris Cro made and still sometimes makes videos geared towards teaching the basics. Here are a few:

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There’s a course on Udemy, it seems pretty basic.


thank you for the answer

thank you for the answer.

for practice exercises, I found the zig track on exercism.org to be very good: Zig on Exercism


To my knowledge, this no longer exists.