How to walk directories?

Hi, I am trying to walk directories using walk function from stdlib. However, I don’t know the correct way to use it. Use the following code gives me error blablabla does not support field access

zig version: 0.9.1


const std = @import("std");
const fs = std.fs;

pub fn main() !void {
    const allocator = std.testing.allocator;

    const dir = try fs.cwd().openDir(".", .{ .iterate = true });
    var walker = dir.walk(allocator);
    defer walker.deinit();

    while (try |entry| {
        std.debug.print("{s}\n", .{entry.basename});


./src/main.zig:29:22: error: type '@typeInfo(@typeInfo(@TypeOf(std.fs.Dir.walk)).Fn.return_type.?).ErrorUnion.error_set!std.fs.Walker' does not support field access
    while (try |entry| {

It seems walker here is an error union, instead use

var walker = try dir.walk(allocator);
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oh. i missed this. thanks for your help.