How to remove a like?

I “liked” a post by mistake. How can I remove the “like”? I am on iPad.

I can just click on the like button again to remove it.

Somehow clicking again on the like button undoes the like only if my like is the only like existing. When there are likes from others repeat clicking the like button toggles showing the names of those who “liked”. It does not remove my like. This is my experience on ipad.

Do we have any other users here who use an iPad? If so, can someone try this and see if it happens on their end as well?

After some more investigation it looks like one can give a “like” and then revert it by clicking the like button again if it is done reasonably quickly. But I cannot remove my “likes” that are day old or older. All attempts are performed on iPad.

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Just checked in on MacOS using Firefox. The same thing – cannot remove old “likes”.

It appears that by default you can only undo a like within ten minutes of liking the post.


@permutationlock Thanks for the link. It explains everything. One is forbidden to change one’s mind after 10 minutes :slight_smile:

This is actually why we are experimenting with a voting system. I’m pretty sure we tracked down the latest issue that was causing problems, and it seems to be working. But yes, this is why we are exploring more options.