How to learn Zig?

I’m new here. I want to learn the Zig programming language. Now How can I learn the Zig programming language? Where to learn the Zig programming language? Is there any platform available where everything is arranged for the absolute beginner?


Hi, welcome!

There’s a “Learn” section on the Zig website with the top resources.

I suggest completing Ziglings first and then reading the langref top-to-bottom.

Also, for idiomatic Zig code snippets, see Zig By Example and Zig Help, which is an updated version of Zig Learn. Otherwise, search the std code for public functions, its super readable.

There’re also two FAQ pages in the Wiki section on GitHub:

  1. FAQ

  2. Newcomer FAQ

UPD: The full list of Zig-related resources I’ve been hoarding is here:


Just wanted to emphasize that out of all the great resources @tensorush mentions, the Language Reference for me has always been the most helpful learning aid for Zig, then followed by the comments and tests of the standard library source code, which are very clear and well written. ZigNEWS also has some great articles on Zig.


zig showtime has cool content too

4 Likes - updated fork of ziglearn


I had a blast following Ziglings. It’s a collection of practical examples where you fix the code to make it compile and work as intended.