How to help maintain discussions on-topic

Hello again everybody! Every once in a while we see a topic grow into quite a lengthy discussion thread that loses focus from the original topic somewhere along the way. This hinders the informational and educational usefulness of topics, since newcomers will have a hard time finding the information that’s relevant to the original topic.

The forum moderators team keeps an eye out for these types of situations and will do their best to nudge participants back on-topic and keep the conversation relevant.

But our forum is growing and we need your help. As a community member participating in any such discussion thread, you can flag a post as off-topic or inappropriate to let the moderators know where to take a closer look and evaluate the situation. There are a lot more community members than moderators so this can greatly improve the odds of finding and resolving these incidents.

Here’s a guide that covers all the details of how flagging a post works. We appreciate all the help you can provide in keeping Ziggit a valuable place for community knowledge sharing about all things Zig related.