How do I initialize: [*:null]const?[*:0]const u8

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I’m trying to give some standard library function an argv parameter. They ask for this type: [:null]const?[:0]const u8.

How do I initialize this monstrocity? Specifically, I want to:

submitted before I intended…
I want to:

  • have argv be: “foo” “bar”
  • have argv be null or void

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    const NullableStr = ?[*:0]const u8;
    // the _ means infer the array size pls
    const a: [*:null]const NullableStr = &[_:null]const NullableStr{ 
        &[_:0]u8{ 'f', 'o', 'o', 0 },
        &[_:0]u8{ 'b', 'a', 'r', 0 },
    // or
    const a: [*:null]const NullableStr = &[_:null]const NullableStr{ 

Notice that a pointer to a sized array &[_]... can coerce to a pointer to multiple item [*].... That applies to the sentinel version.

@iceghost Thank you!