Hacking STDIN linux

mon projet TermCurs
my project, allowed me to understand how to properly hack under Linux
so a lot of system resources less
USE openfile TTY
it was in front of my eyes but… the hacking is done in pure zig-lang

I also worked a lot with MultiArrayList and Arraylist to make a proper and dynamic GRID

my project is to make a terminal such as an IBM 5250/3270 type AS400.
I resume my project made under nim-lang a designer code generator. Currently I have laid the foundations
the link for those interested.

Thank you

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Hello, I made a lot of new function in my project to make a lib that looks like ncurse, and which I will use later to make a designer.
I also included a function to use regex in Go-lang
if you look it lets you see how C headers communicate with Zig-lang
functions :
outstanding Field input output