Hacking STDIN linux

mon projet TermCurs
my project, allowed me to understand how to properly hack under Linux
so a lot of system resources less
USE openfile TTY
it was in front of my eyes but… the hacking is done in pure zig-lang

I also worked a lot with MultiArrayList and Arraylist to make a proper and dynamic GRID

my project is to make a terminal such as an IBM 5250/3270 type AS400.
I resume my project made under nim-lang a designer code generator. Currently I have laid the foundations
the link for those interested.

Thank you


Hello, I made a lot of new function in my project to make a lib that looks like ncurse, and which I will use later to make a designer.
I also included a function to use regex in Go-lang
if you look it lets you see how C headers communicate with Zig-lang
functions :
outstanding Field input output

I am proud to present the TERMCURS library
it will be definitively validated with the generator designer project. Hoping to have no more changes, but I’m sure there will be additions of functions.

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version ZIG 0.10.1

Removed Go regex module
Setting up the use of regex.h
Results hundreds of KB less
currently gencurs makes 156k

Gencurs currently only does on-screen definition,
I am testing the termcurs lib.
as soon as I have finished the fields I will start generating code…

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Small point to make about the readme on your library - you may want to move the the status updates to a separate page. I can see you’ve done a lot of documenting about the changes you’ve made, but scrolling up and down, it’s not obvious what the project actually does. Usually when I read the readme on a library, it’s to get a sense of what the library does first and then I can look at the push/git activity to get a sense of what has been updated.

Just trying to be helpful! :slight_smile:


thank you very much, I do during my retirement, I advance every week, and I do this alone, among other things I have only been using ZIG since October 2022, and at times I spend more time reading than develop
because I would like to keep it simple, thank you for the advice. I will do as you suggest.

it’s done, I hope this is more explicit, while waiting for my generator of source to be operational.


It’s better!

the project is alive and evolving it is in phase 2 what I write what I see

humm I have to get down to doing a doc


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Hello, many changes, especially in the way “allocators” are handled. I have also sanitized the terminal management, separated Forms / Grid / Menu functions, and save and restore functions are active; it’s still in testing.
I believe the foundations have been laid, and now I can start generating the menu and the grid.
I also changed the layout in the readme.