Get include path for zig.h

I’m using Zig 0.11.0 and in a build.zig I’m trying to pass the path of the directory containing the zig.h shipped with Zig as include directory to an external tool, i.e. what zig env returns as "lib_dir".

I looked into the source code of the zig env command and found that it uses introspect.zig which does not seem to be part of the standard library.

I found Getting the zig compiler path in build.zig. Do I have to manipulate the path to the Zig executable returned by b.zig_exe or is there a better way?

You can get the zig.exe path using std.fs.selfExeDirPath
Then call std.fs.path.dirname to remove the bin part.
Finally call std.fs.path.join to add lib.

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do you mean getSelfExePath? (that’s where your link goes)
and the docs give this advice.

 If you only need the directory, use selfExeDirPath

Thank you. I meant selfExeDirPath.

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The std.fs.selfExe[…] family of functions is not what I need here, they refer to the executable that is executing the build (the result of compiling build.zig), somewhere in zig-cache/o/…, not the zig executable itself.

It seems b.zig_exe and then replacing the trailing /zig with /lib is indeed the way to go.