Generated std lib docs for offline use

i’ve found a libs/doc/index.html file in a recent download, and tried to launch this file in my browser…

i see the main banner as well as a Loading ... message – but that’s all…

is there any form of the lib docs that i can use offline??? (i already know about langref.html)…

FWIW – i’m heading to embedded world in europe next week, and want to play in my zig sandbox when in the air  :airplane:


Related: A new Zig standard library documentation mini-site generator

Not sure if that fits your needs, but I think you can run it locally.

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Those docs need a web server to run, because they’re actually generated dynamically! Running zig std will spin up a local web server and open it in your web browser and you’ll be able to browse the same docs as on Zig Documentation


As @Siph said, to open a web browser for the local standard library docs:

zig std

This can take some time to load, because the documentation is generated from the source files.

For your generated docs:

python -m http.server -b 8000 -d zig-out/docs/
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entering zig std ( returns error: FileNotFound

definitely can run it locally… search is a challenge :wink:

As long as zig std prints the address it’s listening on, you should be able to view the docs by navigating to that address in a browser. It also tries to open your web browser automatically, which might result in printing error: FileNotFound if it can’t find the command to do so, but that won’t affect the core behavior of the server.

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