Fossil Forum Software Superior to Discourse?

Unfortunately, discourse requires javascript, which, in the context of the modern web, compromises personal security in terms of tracking-for-profit and browser vulnerabilities.

Also, discourse seems to be a relatively heavy application. I think a simple, highly-performant forum software would be a better fit for a forum about Zig, which is a relatively simple, highly-performant language.

The SQLite forum uses fossil for its forum software. Fossil works without javascript enabled; it is fast and light; and it comes packaged in a standalone executable without all the dependencies of running a discourse server. Would the admin(s) consider running fossil instead of disourse?

I know I could just run my own Zig forum that uses fossil, but if the admins are open to considering fossil, I think it would be better to not fragment the zig forum community.

Not sure how hard it is to host and admin Ziggit. But as a user, I’ve been really enjoying the look & feel of this forum. Also, there’s a Discourse mobile app that allows to navigate all your communities from one place. Performance-wise, I haven’t seen any lags or troubles at all. So, yeah, pretty satisfied with it.


Note that you can use Discourse as essentially a mailing list:


This is a cool feature! I did not know this.

However, account creation and initially setting up email would require javascript.

With javascript disabled you can still view pages on discourse forums, though it doesn’t look as nice and there are much fewer features. For example, I don’t think it’s possible to create a post without javascript. The email interface is a better alternative for that.

I do find the way fossil integrates version control and project management very interesting, but I’m not sure it would make a good standalone forum. From a quick glance I think it lacks features as a dedicated forum software - it doesn’t have categories or profile pictures, for example.

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Anyway, I did start up a Fossil-based forum, in case anyone wants to use a forum without javascript: