Forum Maintenance 03/23/2024

Hi all! The forum will be temporarily unavailable Saturday March 23, 2024 starting at 8:00 AM AST for some OS and Discourse updates. The process should take about an hour.


oooops, did not notice, did not take into account, and did catch this “Draft is being edited in another window”, while there were none, browsers do puzzle sometimes :slight_smile:

Yes, the wonderful world of Web development… lol

When it is an online event, not linked to a physical place, it is much better to use UTC (who knows what is AST, anyway?)

You also can use the editor to insert a date/time 2024-03-24T19:00:00Z

insert time

I think this causes discourse to display the time translated to the timezone of the viewing person.
There are also advanced options where you can pick additional timezone options to display, I think this is for when you click on it.


Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for the tip.

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