Fast-growing Zig tops Stack Overflow survey for highest-paid programming language


World domination is near!


Average Zig Programmer’s yacht:


Honestly though, I wonder if this is an issue of scale? I’m curious about why it ranked as highly as it did. Especially considering this quote:

“Zig’s appearance at the top of the highest-paid technology list is impressive, especially given that it didn’t even appear at all on the Stack Overflow developer survey for 2022.”

Anyhow, I’m glad to see some economic nods towards the feasibility of Zig :slight_smile:

I immediately interpret these news as “the list of paid zig programmers has extremely few elements, so all of them are outliers”.

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That’s @kristoff 's yacht in the Mediterranean…


This article is really not providing any useful analysis over the stack overflow survey data in my opinion.

IIRC it was about 20-50 people that filled out that information and yes those were almost exclusively outliers. My guess is that it was mostly people in good positions (CTO, VP of Engineering, maybe even founders, that kind of stuff) who just have the freedom to try out new technologies (and a vested interest in being early adopters).

As a datapoint, the TigerBeetle team did not answer the stack overflow survey, nor did most of the Zig core team. I did fill it out, not sure if Andrew did.

So long story short, it’s a small number of people, but not “the usual suspects”. Other than that, there’s nothing else interesting there to see.

We’ll see what happens with the next survey.


+1: “However, professional developers still tend to use SQL more than Python (52% vs 45%).” - Hm, maybe I should start using SQL instead of Python for data analysis?!