Event driven state machines: GUI+sound+network

Hi, here is yet another example of using edsm:

This time it is (primitive) software synthesizer.

  • GUI is X11 based
  • sound is ALSA based
  • you can play chords on your computer keyboard! :slight_smile:
  • sound is… not very nice :frowning:
  • note for for musically inclined people - just intonation is used

Woohoo! :upside_down_face: I’ve turned this plaything into network plaything, just for fun.
Now it can be run in two modes, server mode and client mode.
In server mode it does what it did before, but in addition it can can serve clients (3 max).
In client mode it operates as remote keyboard.
The protocol is one-way, client sends “tone pressed”, “tone released” commands and that’s all.