Enscript printer source file

the enscript command changes a text file to PostScript format and then sends it to the printer.

I use it to list my source files

Zig not being recognized, I created the “zig.st” module and added the zig recognition line to “enscript.st”.

I put the procedure update_Enscript.sh, which you must use with sudo or pkexec.

I put the procedure copy_zig_st.sh, which you must use with sudo or pkexec.

It’s complicated for me to ask to include the module, I only speak English, only with Google



I found how to take into account the intrinsic function of ZIG ex: @tagName, now the zig.st “enscript” unless the grammar changes or a new type arrives

Hey @JPL

So you’re using an “enscript” command to convert a text file to PostScript format. Then, you are sending it to the “printer”.

Can you explain what you mean by “printer”? Do you mean that it prints to the console out?

If I understand, you’re saying that the script command wasn’t recognizing Zig files?

Hello, @AndrewCodeDev

“enscript” is a GNU software that allows you to list on a printer.
With decent quality, it’s used for a lot of language.
I simply took a script that I remodeled practically from A-Z for ZIG-LANG.

It took me a while to understand how it works (zig.st), to do tests, to make the most of the possibilities offered.

I tried to be as consistent as possible in the colors, to make the distinctions between grammar and functions @… constants, etc., I also took the opportunity to release the PDF, it will be easier to archive and read or print.

I have a repository on GitHub which contains a set of very simple scripts which allow you to set up the whole thing.

If we no longer touch the grammar or “integer” then the script is operational for a long time, but maybe one day, there will be “dcml” (decimal) :smile:

I also clarified the scripts, you have to read the README carefully and read the scripts which contain very few Bach lines (for Windows the translation is simple, but I don’t have Windows)
in 6 days my computer, a big pro workstation, 18 years old, gave up on me, I had to change to another workstation, and at the same time finish the scripts, Helix, Enscript.

It is designed in A4, but in A3 and changing the orientation (much less page) the paper cannot be replaced at times.

If someone wants to publish the “zig.st” script to GNU, there is no problem, I don’t speak English (only with my friend google) to do it.


I’m willing to bet the integer types aren’t going to change. I can imagine that decimal could be a library type but probably not a fundamental type.

I can see this being useful for publishing papers or making presentations.

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