Dt: duct tape for your unix pipes (new CLI tool in Zig)

This utility & concatenative programming language https://dt.plumbing/ made the rounds on lobste.rs and HN yesterday. A nice example of a CLI project implemented in Zig.

The project’s README asks for memory management and optimization tips.


@booniepepper built this. He’s a member here at the forum! I talked to him about it yesterday on discord. It’s a very cool project and provides some very useful utilities for interfacing with command lines. We talked yesterday about possible allocation strategies and compile time stuff. He’s planning to gather community feedback for a bit before going forward, so now is probably a good time for people to get their ideas organized if they have future feature requests.

Also, welcome to the forum, @richardlehane !


Welcome, thanks for sharing! At some point I will actually finish explaining the madness that I’ve created here and keep polishing it.

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PS I’ve gotten lots of tips in the ~8 days since I decided to tag it as a “1.x.” Lots of feedback. I know the general direction I want to go. Also more than a few contributions – thanks everyone!

I’m working through enough docs that I feel like I have it actually motivated, and then I plan to work through some of the big items I’ve captured in issues (first and foremost memory, so it can support long-lived programs)

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