Disabling back trace while running tests

Is there a way to disable the printing out of the debug back trace when a test fails? I’ve been testing my code with the help of Docker + QEMU. Everything works fine except when a test fails. I keep getting panic inside a panic errors, after which the container would end up what appears to be an infinite loop.

Is it possible to give a short snippet of code which demonstrates the problem?

const std = @import("std");

test "fail" {
    try std.testing.expect(false);
zig test -test-no-exec -target powerpc64le-linux -femit-bin=/tmp/test ./test.zig &&\
docker run --platform linux/ppc64le -v /tmp:/home/test -w /home/test --rm -it alpine ./test 
Test [1/1] test.test.fail... FAIL (TestUnexpectedResult)
thread 1 panic: reached unreachable code
Panicked during a panic. Aborting.

Something is wrong with your setup. The tester runs fine, without panic, under qemu.

❯ zig test --test-no-exec -femit-bin=/tmp/test -target powerpc64le-linux test.zig

❯ qemu-ppc64le-static /tmp/test
1/1 test.test.fail...FAIL (TestUnexpectedResult)
/home/din/zig-0.13.0/lib/std/testing.zig:540:14: 0x102ccc3 in expect (test)
    if (!ok) return error.TestUnexpectedResult;
/home/din/test.zig:4:5: 0x102ce5f in test.fail (test)
    try std.testing.expect(false);
0 passed; 0 skipped; 1 failed.

❯ qemu-ppc64le-static --version
qemu-ppc64le version 7.2.11 (Debian 1:7.2+dfsg-7+deb12u6)
Copyright (c) 2003-2022 Fabrice Bellard and the QEMU Project developers