Cova - Commands, Options, Values, Arguments

Hey all,

I’ve just released the latest version of my library, Cova v0.8.0, and figured it’s a good time to share it here.

Cova is a cross-platform command line argument parsing library for Zig. My design focus for this library has been simple integration into any project with deep, robust customization if needed. A few standout features include:

  • Command, Option, and Value Types that all arguments are parsed to. These types can each be configured during comptime in a standardized way to meet the needs of a project.
  • Those Types can be converted from and to Structs, Unions, and Functions for easy integration with existing code, or created from scratch for more customization.
  • The library is POSIX compliant by default, but can easily be configured to match different argument styles.

If you’d like to check it out, the above link is a good starting point along with the API Docs, Guides, and this Basic App example. (Due to a 2 link limit, I couldn’t link the API Docs and Guides, but they can be found on the GitHub link.)

Hopefully this can help you in your next CLI project, and if you do check it out any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the forum @00JCIV00, and thanks for sharing your work!

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I just realised I’m doing basically the same thing lol! Yours is much more complete though. Good work!

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Appreciate that. Also, there’s no harm in having options! If you want to pass a link to yours, I can put it in the “Alternatives” section of Cova’s readme.

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