Connection Issues with Zig build

I was trying to install the Zig language server (ZLS) by building it from source. I clone the project and run zig build inside. It hanged for a very long time and ultimately spitted out error: ConnectionTimedOut.

Need help!

Works for me. If you look at the build.zig.zon of zls, there are a couple of dependencies pointing to github (and even ! :astonished:). Can you try to check if you have access to those urls?

It seems I can. With wget I successfully download the file.

Also, sorry that I forgot to mention I am using proxy.

Hey, folks, I am facing the same problem. My local environment can’t stably connect to Github. I setup an HTTP proxy for help, but seems zig build command does not honor http_proxy and https_proxy environment variable.

Have you happen to find a solution?