Concept for a front-end web rendering framwork

Hello, I’ve gone down a bit of a zig/wasm rabbit hole, and have built out a concept of a theoretical web framework where UI could be built-up in a very similar way to how React works. Is there something like this already? I am trying to do other stuff in my spare time, but at some point maybe this would be worth implementing for realsies

Have a look at this library by Karsten Schmidt. UI & DOM creation/manipulation is done via WebAssembly. The library takes an imperative approach, but maybe you could build something on top of it instead of building a framework completely from scratch.

I used that library in a presentation I gave a few months ago. There are a couple of slides that show how to use it.

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Now that I think about it, Karsten’s umbrella monorepo also contains a state management library similar to valtio or jotai, and a functional reactive programming library that contains streams and subscription primitives. With that I think you could build something similar to signals in Preact/Solid/Qwik.