Code Translation Category on Ziggit and a New Feature: Voting

Hey everyone, I wanted to drop a message here to announce the new Translation category that we’ve added to the site. If you head over to the Translation category, you’ll see a post for more info about it there :slight_smile:

What’s new: Voting

The new feature we’re experimenting with is voting in conjunction with the usual ability to “like” a post.

The difference is, you can change your vote as many times as you want and you can also down vote posts as well (please use responsibly). If you see a voting icon under the user name, you can cast your vote by clicking on one of the arrows. We’re still tuning the system, so changes will probably implemented as we learn more.

The goal here is to make threads more like a living document - as better answers arise, you can change your vote to support new content. This allows you to voice your opinion in a more dynamic way and change your position on things as time goes on.

@dude_the_builder and I also kicked around the possibility of an Optimization category in the same vein. If this goes well, we’ll expand the idea and hopefully give you more tools to voice your opinion. I’m sure there’s a lot of tuning to the voting system we can try, so we’ll listen to your feedback and try to get it right eventually.

– Important addendum –

Another feature is that you can retract your vote entirely by re-clicking the arrow you last voted with. This way, you don’t have to down-vote something if you change your mind, you can just back out of your original vote if you so choose.