Can someone explain more on @import("config") in the build system doc

Is the “config” file created on-fly?

Assuming you’re referring to the code under “Options for Conditional Compilation”, config is a set of options supplied by the build script in the subsequent code snippet:

    const version = b.option([]const u8, "version", "application version string") orelse "0.0.0";
    const enable_foo = detectWhetherToEnableLibFoo();

    const options = b.addOptions();
    options.addOption([]const u8, "version", version);
    options.addOption(bool, "have_libfoo", enable_foo);

    exe.root_module.addOptions("config", options);
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Yes, that is just my guess. I am just wondering is there any official doc explaining this?

There is this from Build.addOptions:

Create a set of key-value pairs that can be converted into a Zig source file and then inserted into a Zig compilation’s module table for importing. In other words, this provides a way to expose build.zig values to Zig source code with @import. Related: Module.addOptions.


Thank for the reference. It is a little magical.

BTW, it looks there is a missing Package Management section in the build system doc.