Built succesfully but when executing nothing happens

Hi there,
recently I’ve been trying to get 4coder editor to get compiled and running on macOS m1 without any success so far.

It builds fine, no error messages, however, when I try to zig build run I get this trace:

The following command terminated unexpectedly:
cd /Users/nm/projects/angis && /Users/nm/projects/angis/zig-out/bin/test 
error: the following build command failed with exit code 1:
/Users/nm/projects/angis/zig-cache/o/50c7e834c6252edc9b725b4f79772158/build /opt/homebrew/Cellar/zig/HEAD-6ba2fb3_1/bin/zig /Users/nm/projects/angis /Users/nm/projects/angis/zig-cache /Users/nm/.cache/zig run

Here’s my build file https://github.com/Eqls/angis/blob/master/build.zig

Anyone could point me to the right direction?


Try running the produced binary standalone and/or through a debugger and see if you can narrow down the reason for the failure.

yeah jmc gave a good suggestion, the executable should be in zig-out/bin. Running it through zig build will hide stuff from you. If you see an illegal instruction error message when running it directly, it means that you need to disable ubsan (the Zig github wiki should have info on how to do that).

Thanks for suggestions, tried it and no error message, unfortunately :smiley:

/Users/nm/projects/angis/zig-out/bin/test ; exit;
➜  ~ /Users/nm/projects/angis/zig-out/bin/test ; exit;
[1]    66076 trace trap  /Users/nm/projects/angis/zig-out/bin/test

Saving session...completed.
Deleting expired sessions...none found.

[Process completed]

Is that just run in a shell, or is it in a debugger?