Bigger picture of what is going on in Zig development?

In the old days you can follow @andrewrk on twitter to have nice summaries what he is working on, what will be next etc.

I miss that :slight_smile:

Is there something like that now? Some dev weekly?


I like browsing the commit history, you can filter by user if you want:

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Depending on your needs and how digestible you want your updates to be it can be a bit noisy, but if you want to see what people are discussing, collaborating on or working on right as it happens, is a pretty useful link to bookmark that lists all issues and pull requests (open or closed) in order of most recent activity.


I think this is what happens when a language expands. For instance, I bet following Bjarne would only give you a glimpse of what’s going on with C++.

I follow commits, PRs, issues.

But still it sometimes lack big pictures and I have a feeling like something was discussed outside of github. discord? And people have better understanding of the direction of the project.

My assessment is that there is movement towards the things that Andrew talked about in his Zig Roadmap for 2024, specifically on incremental compilation. I think there’s a fascinating discussion happening on another thread with mlugg (who was recently introduced as the newest member of the zig core team) on this very development:

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If you’re in the Discord server, keeping an eye on #compiler-devel can sometimes help to give you an idea of what’s being done. To be honest though, I work on Zig almost every day, and I still don’t necessarily know what other core team members are working on most of the time! Lots of my information about that does just come from keeping an eye on all the PRs they open.

The broad theme of the Zig project’s direction right now is compilation speed, with active work on self-hosted backends, self-hosted linkers, and incremental compilation. I know your question was about how to find this information in general, but just to give a general idea of the current focuses of a few core members:

  • I believe jacobly is – as always – generally working on backend bits, although he has a Super Secret Project going on at the minute which I don’t think we’ve quite figured out what it is yet…
  • kubkon is working on our efforts to become independent from LLD, LLVM’s linker. I believe his next big PR is going to be the upstreaming of the COFF linker from zld.
  • Having rewritten autodocs, Andrew appears to be largely gearing up for the 0.12.0 release, with a lot of PR merges and more minor changes recently.
  • I’m working on some changes surrounding incremental compilation, detailed a little more in the thread linked above. Unfortunately, I’m several tangents deep at the time of writing (to make progress on incremental, I need to refactor a key internal type; to do that, I ought to first rework comptime-mutable memory, which is a slightly mammoth task).