Awesome tiny games in 11 programming languages - WASM-4 Jam 2022 results!

Zig is killing it in WASM game dev!


I was actually really surprised. According to #game-dev in the big Discord server, some of the people that submitted a game made with Zig to the jam were never in any of the main Zig communities.

In other words, we’re starting to see people who are using Zig “independently”. Pretty cool!


Wow! I was one who submitted a game written in zig, but I’m totally surprised that it was the most popular language tied with C. I actually thought I was one of the only developers who used zig.

Edit: My game source is located here, and I’m kind of interested in how I can get the built binary smaller. I think the size ended up around 30KB which is ~half way to the limit for WASM4. Yet my intuition tells me the resulting binary could be much smaller because the game is fairly simple. Maybe someone curious could take a look!


I’m surprised you got the binary down to 30 KB! Which OS is that for?

It’s for WASM. I don’t really understand how it works, but I think it might compile to a library or something. That way it can be a bit more minimal. Then the WASM-4 fantasy console loads it and invokes methods within.

Oh I thought you were talking about compiling it to a native standalone binary. Last I checked the windows binaries for wasm4 games were as small as a few hundred Kilobytes, which I was very impressed with.

I also submitted a game for this jam! Specifically Wired, the platformer with the wires. I really enjoyed building the game. It’s made me want to try competing in more game jams. At some point I plan to give the game a proper ending, but I’ve been dragging my feet since the end of the jam. Maybe making a devlog here on ziggit would help me get around to it… :thinking: