An initial investigation into using Zig to speed up Raku code

Hey all,

I’m a core developer on Rakudo, the Raku implementation, and I’d like to inform you of a bit of impromptu research I’ve conducted on using Zig to improve the performance of a (contrived) Raku script. It’s not a proper analysis, that will have to come later, but the initial results were too exciting not to share.

tl;dr – It’s about a 12-18x speedup at high volumes of objects to use Zig for a CRC32 check as well as to create structs on the heap for use in the Raku code.

Very curious to hear your thoughts!


You mentioned it in the article but forgot to include it here: a third (possible) advantage would be using zig as (one of) Raku’s C compilers in general.

As a former Perl developer / enthusiast, this was a great walk down memory lane. Cheers!


I don’t have much to say other than it’s exciting to see more language creators exploring Zig as a C alternative.

…I don’t think the function signatures need to get nearly as gnarly as they get in C.

Also the blog theme reminds me of my first-ever IDEs I was exposed to when I was a kid, Borland Turbo C++ and Microsoft QBasic. Peak 90s software dev vibes.

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Glad you enjoyed reading it!

It’s even more than a C alternative in that I want to work out a solution with Zig. I would probably not have tried replacing the Raku objects with structs from C because I would have just bound into some library that offered CRC32 rather than assembling a hand-rolled (but stdlib-assured) one like I did in Zig.

It’s interesting to contrast Raku’s design imperatives with those of the Zig project. There is not a lot in common, the former being nominally maximalist and the latter being nominally minimalist, many ways vs one way, etc. Yet Zig ships with a batteries-included stdlib just like Raku, and everything is an expression, making it feel quite familiar to a Raku user.

I’ll have to think on it some more. It probably deserves a blog post of its own.

Really I can’t gush enough about Zig… it’s made me fall in love with programming all over again.

I can’t claim any credit for it I’m afraid! It comes as a standard theme available on

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