About the Docs category

In Docs, you can find documentation and reference type content developed by the Ziggit community. It’s unofficial, but we strive to make it the best we can.

Topics created in the Docs category will be part of the Ziggit Docs collection of reference content. This content is meant to become a form of live documentation created and maintained by the Zig community.

New topics are in Wiki mode by default, encouraging cooperative editing and collaboration. Selecting a proper tag or set of tags is also important to ensure effective reach via navigation and search.

Ziggit Docs Content Guidelines

  1. Please consider whether your topic serves as documentation or if it belongs in a more open-ended category of the forum.

  2. Try to teach with both examples and explanations. Code examples should be approachable and explanations clear and concise.

  3. Docs should be Zig focused. Ziggit Docs is not intended to be a repository for general computer science and programming information outside the scope of Zig.

We welcome you to the Docs authoring team and thank you for contributing!