A Zig implementation of Raytracing


A while ago, I implemented a raytracer for a school assignment. It was really fun and I decide to finalize it and publish it on github. This article would be focusing on the zig language itself, including syntax, stdandard library, and the zen of zig generally. I have plans to write one about the technial details of raytracing in the future.

github repo: zig-ray/src/util.zig at main · Tesseract22/zig-ray · GitHub

English is not my first langauge, if you see any typo, weird grammar, etc., let me know in the comment.


In the last line of your message tyepo → typo :wink:
And the 3rd line of you source → getTypeLength instead of getTypeLegnth

Thank you! No idea how i make a typo in typo haha


Way cool.
Thank you!

This is awesome! Nice work!