A weird crash case (debug print line affects code behavior)

Here is a piece code in my zig project:

fn getFreeNode(self: *@This()) !*Node {
    const n = if (self.tryToGetFreeNode()) |node| node else try self.allocator.create(Node);

std.debug.print("==== 111 =====\n", .{});

    n.* = .{
        .value = .{},
std.debug.print("==== 222 =====\n", .{});


    std.debug.assert(n.value.textSegment.len == 0);
    std.debug.assert(n.value.deeperTree.count == 0);

    return n;

I haven’t found crash cases when building it in Debug mode.
When I use the -OReleaseSafe mode, I also haven’t found crash cases when the 222 print line is enabled. But when the 222 line is disabled, a crash case is found as:

===== 111 =====
thread 251220 panic: reached unreachable code

However, I don’t think there is any unreachable code between the 111 and 222 print lines.

I am looking into this issue. But if anyone can shed some light on this, I would very appreciate it.

Okay, I have found the cause. It is because n.value.textSegment is not initialized.

But here, the effect of the 222 debug print line is really some misleading.

undefined as a default value for a field is typically a bad idea. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend reading the docs for undefined.

In the case of a slice, you likely want to initialize it to an empty slice (= &.{} will work), or make it optional and initialize it to null.


I see. But here I deliberately keep it uninitialized and made a mistake to use it before initializing. It is just some weird the problem is exposed at certain unexpected conditions.

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