A translation of Karl Seguin's "Learning Zig" into Russian

I’ve translated the book in the header into Russian.
It’s not a machine translation, I did everything manually (and “brainually” :upside_down_face:).
A chapter about interfaces included. Available here.


To learn Zig, I find Karl’s tutorials to be among the best. He just added a new one about parsing json in Zig.

Yes, that’s why I chose this particular book.

Some addition about the translation itself.
It is quite “liberal”. I mean that in some places it is more like a retelling with my own words, rather than “direct” translation. But in general I tried to follow original train of thought.
Hopefully it will be useful.

That’s a lot of work, sir!

Kudos for translating comments in the example programs! :slightly_smiling_face:

(reading about Zig in Russian sure feels weird, but that’s just me :woozy_face:)

Not all comments are translated yet, I will probably do it later.

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@karlseguin, thank you very much for placing the link to the translation at the book starting page!

I’ve added intro/toc/outro, corrected misprints and poorly constructed sentences, which I was able to find and made a release (epub format, looks pretty nice, I believe).


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