Wasmer-zig-api: Zig bindings for the Wasmer WebAssembly runtime

Hi everyone! This is my first post on ziggit.
I would like to introduce a new wasm/wasi bindings for wasmer runtime:

This module is based on the zigwasm/wasmer-zig fork. The old API does not work with newer versions of zig, and the main goal of this project is to continue to support the module for newer versions of zig.

All WASI APIs are also implemented.

All tests from the “wasmer” lib C repository are also reimplemented on zig. You can learn more about the API of this module through rich examples.

The current module works with Zig 0.12.0+.

@kubkon has done a great job in this area. But unfortunately the APIs are outdated or underimplemented somewhere. Initially I wanted to create a PR, but I saw that issues in github repository are not updated for a long time.

So @kubkon if you are reading this, I can create a new PR and we can update the existing repositories.