Primeagen's Take on Zig

So Zig’s been catapulted into the spotlight these past days thanks to the frenzy around bun. I find The Primeagen’s take on Zig interesting, check it out:

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I think this is a really fair and realistic take. I think Zig just needs a couple more “killer applications” and it’ll be permanently cemented in its niche. Zig is pretty unique in forcing you to deal with all of the hideous complexity of computing up front and that is both a strength and weakness depending on your background and use case.

(Which is also why, in my opinion, Zig is either easy or hard to learn, depending on how well you already know those complexities. It’s all the hard stuff you have to confront with C, except it makes you do everything correctly on top of that!)

Excellent share!


why do people keep finding the old logo and not the new one dammit

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