Dropped support for macOS 1x (you_name_it). This matches Apple's security policy

A “brew info zig” results in:
Required: macOS >= 11 (or Linux) ✘
==> Options
Install HEAD version

And “brew install --HEAD zig” results in
zig: This software does not run on macOS versions older than Big Sur.

I don’t think this is sustainable in any shape or form. At the end of 2023 support will be dropped for MacOS 11 and so forth. This version race needs to stop, at least for anything on top of Operating Systems to begin with.

I was gonna get into zig, since I recently discovered it, but it looks like the journey ends before it even started, having a pretty decent MBP mid-2014 (quad Core, 16GB RAM) running MacOS 10.15 (Catalina). Even if I upgraded to MacOS 11 (BigSur) zig’s support wouldn’t last long and be dropped when the next MaOC version is released.

Apple’s “security” policy has everything to do with policy but security. What does security have to do with age? This policy is a reason to drop support, and make people buy their latest products.

V, for example added support for older MacOS versions (<10.12) mid last year.
If zig wants to gain momentum, I reckon it’s wise to open up to as many ppl and their computers as possible.
Is there any chance zig applies its support in the same way as many other programming languages do?

No, goodbye.

(serious answer: Zig is an unstable language, we want to prioritize development over retrocompatibility with unsupported proprietary platforms & your tone is the perfect recipe to get pushed away from the community, goodbye)

I get where you’re coming from, I hate planned obsolescence too. However, a small project like Zig has very little resources to work against what Apple or Microsoft decides. If you want to extend support, you’re allowed to do the work yourself as is typical for open and free software (maybe in a fork if mainline zig doesn’t accept it).

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Since you mentioned it, what exactly don’t you like in my tone and why?

Why did you start supporting

proprietary platforms

to begin with?
Furthermore, why is some software supported on such platforms and other software isn’t?

Btw, I appreciate your welcoming words.

This is the third time we’re having this conversation. The first time was on hacker news, where you got told by plenty of people why Zig has the support policy it currently has. The second time was on my stream where we once again had the same exact exchange, and now here we are once more.

Your tone is inappropriate, and more importantly it’s clear that you have no interest in having a discussion in earnest, hence my recommendation to look into any of the other languages that do offer the type of support you’re looking for.


I’mnot sure who you mean by “you” THIS here is the first time I’m having such conversation.
I read the conversation following the link you provided and it is quite similar, nevertheless it’s someone else. Glad to see that there are ppl out there thinking alike.

If I didn’t have

I would have dropped my raising interest in ziglang when I encountered the issue.

Wouldn’t you want to have a user base (=testing ground) as large as possible when developing a product?

Why can’t you look past your perception of my tone? I don’t really know what’s wrong with my tone because you haven’t told me yet.

Closing this as the main topic has been addressed and the discussion is veering off into unrelated territory.