About the Translations category

Welcome to the Translations category! This category is specifically dedicated to the task of translating code from other languages into Zig.

Here, users can provide a code example and make a request for the code to be translated into Zig. The community can provide code solutions and vote on which solution they believe best satisfies the translation request.

Here are guidelines for making translation requests:

For Topic Creators
  1. Provide a code example from another language. Code examples can be in the form of links or direct code snippets. Remember to specify which language the code originates from. In the case of links (such as library components or documentation), provide sufficient resources for people to directly get started without further research to find relevant materials.

  2. Provide a good description of what the code does. A good description can include intended behaviour, pre and post conditions, errors and checks, and an example of how the code is used. Higher code complexity warrants better descriptions.

  3. All topics directly about Zig or general programming are more appropriate for other categories. Consider the Help or Brainstorming sections if you have questions about non-translation specific topics.

  4. Please be reasonable about your request size. Requesting that entire libraries or applications be translated into Zig is outside the scope of this category. Sizable requests are not prohibited, but concise requests with clear boundaries should be preferred.

For Topic Responders
  1. Provide direct code examples or links that can be read or compiled. If a utility already exists, consider providing a link to that utility or its documentation.

  2. Consider explaining why your proposal satisfies the request. Again, higher complexity requests warrant better explanations.

  3. Please keep discussion topical and relevant. Discussion is a necessary part of the process and topics can be opened in other categories if more extensive or philosophical dialogue is appropriate.